Call Laynard Got caught in bow string
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Thread: Call Laynard Got caught in bow string

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    Call Laynard Got caught in bow string

    This Morning at 9:30 (2 )doe came right under my stand. I drew my bow not realizing my grunt tube laynard got caught up in bow string when I released arrow I was hit so hard in mouth it chipped my tooth. Lessoned learned always make sure you clear your equipment before shooting. Luckly I hit the doe a little high she only went about 60 Yards Im thankful I didnt wound her. Now instead of going hunting again in morning I will be at Dentist office getting tooth repaired. wont carry laynards around my neck ever again.... Good luck to all

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    I saw the title and dreaded what I'd find within. I'm glad it was "just" a chipped tooth and nothing more serious.
    Operating a bow comes with more risks than many people realize.

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    Tom Wopat and John Schneider always made archery look so easy. There's a lot of skill involved.

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