Russian boar hunts in or near Michigan.
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Thread: Russian boar hunts in or near Michigan.

  1. Russian boar hunts in or near Michigan.

    I would like to take a Russian boar with my handgun and would like some recommendations of some farms in Michigan.

  3. Start with this: NFSMS: National Feral Swine Mapping System:::::::::::::::::::::SCWDS Lab

    Sorry for the crappy resolution, but they won't let anyone (except researchers have higher resolution - I've tried).

    Second, google "[your state] feral hogs". Assuming your state has a feral hog problem (and it appears MI does), then 10 to 1 you'll find several articles on the MI hog problem. They will probably be written by your state wildlife biologists or equivalent. Simply google his name, then call or e-mail him at his work address and ask where to hunt feral hogs.

    In Alabama, the F&G, WMA and National Forest people are all more than willing to help me find hogs - they want them gone bad! They may or may not know of some farmers who are willing to let you on their land to hunt also.

    Good luck with porkies!

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    I can see that all this hog hunting stuff never gets boaring.

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