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  1. One buck per season rule

    The state of Indiana enforced the "one buck" rule for the past several years in an attempt to allow more bucks reach full maturity before harvest. I, personally, think it has helped, although I'm not certain if it's because of the rule or because of the growing population of whitetails in southern Indiana.......or a little of both.

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    There is no way of knowing. For those people that are serious hunters they will just hunt out of state and might not even get a hunting lic. for their own state and they can put the money towards a high dollar lic. from another state.

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    In rural North Central Indiana, there is no doubt that the buck population has grown. I live in a very rural area with heavy woods on two sides and farm fields with either corn or beans planted yearly. EVERYONE who comes by here comments at one time or another about the number of bucks being sighted, and there are some with racks that are becoming impressive... Thing is, there's also an (over) abundance of the does to match the buck population. My dog is busy every evening barking at the deer just off in the woods and in the field...
    Anyway, yes, I believe the buck population is indeed aging a bit, but so also are the does. Seems as if hunters aren't harvesting enough does, although they could...

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    i think it has helped but around my neck of the woods the poaching by the amish has dang near depleted alot of areas. it would be nice if they learned what the words -no tresspassing or hunting means.

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