tree stand safety.
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Thread: tree stand safety.

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    tree stand safety.

    Just a heads up to all the hunters on the site. On the news today was a story about a hunter killed from a fall out of a tree stand. There was no safety harness in use. The man was discovered by his hunting partner after he failed to show up at the designated time they had arranged. He was at the base of the tree, it was assumed he slipped, but it is possible that another health issue caused his fall.
    Be safe and get home to your family and friends...This has been a public service announcement:)

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    Thanks for posting that Information.Most hunters overlook Treestand Safety.

    I myself use the retractable Fall Guy System with the spider Safey Harness.

    I also purchased this year , the Desender in case I fall. Also I use an prusic knot Safety rope while in my Treestand

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    Where did this occur?

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    New York State, town of Alabama, Genesee County.Hunter Dies After Falling From Tree Stand |

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    Please make sure you also do not climb with your weapon. Co-worker fell several years ago and is now paralyzed. Climb first and then pull your weapon up to you, unchambered of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by twotonevert View Post
    Please make sure you also do not climb with your weapon.
    Climb first and then pull your weapon up to you, unchambered of course.
    I'd never pull my bow up with an arrow loaded!!!

    Gulf Coast, Floriduh
    Sccy is the limit

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    "Just got a text saying A game warden fell out of his tree stand in Madison County and is in bad shape. I will try to find out more information as I know the officer that supposedly fell.

    Officer Joe Lindsey fell 25 feet out of his treestand and crawled 400 yards to his truck to radio for help, he was suppose to call me last night about some trespassers we caught..please keep him in your prayers...

    Please wear your safety harnesses if not for you at least wear it for the people who love ya..."

    Given how AL Fish and Game stress wearing a harness while climbing or in stand, I'm surprised he wasn't wearing his. Looks pretty bad, given his position.

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    I had a buddy fall a few weeks ago. He got up & the cable that holds the stand up broke as he set weight on the stand. I suspect corrosion. He will recover. Most of us can't climb like we're 12 yrs old anymore.

  10. Update on the AL F&G warden: He had been wearing a harness, he unhooked it to climb down and the next thing he remembers is waking up in excruciating pain on the ground.

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