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    Archery Hunting Mishap !!!

    I've been Archery Hunting Since I was 16 Years old,Some 30 plus years ago. I dont Consider myself an Expert, or one of those Pro-Staff member's from one of the many TV Shows.

    I have shot allot of Nice, Respectable Bucks, along with my fair share of Doe's. The biggest being an Nice Mountable 9 pointer, which hangs on my Wall. I've also have seen many Trophy Bucks, but always they are to far to shoot.

    Until Yesterday Morning Around 9:30am
    As I stood in my Treestand,day dreaming as always I heard the loud crunch, and heavy walking, that gets your knees shaking, and your heart rate pumping.

    After what seemed like a hour of waiting there he was It was like I was watching this Un-fold on TV. This Buck was the Largest, Widest, most points that I have ever seen.

    He proceeded to walk out in front of me, at about 25 yards, he turned offering me the perfect,Broadside shot at 25 yards. I was doing all I could to hold my Composer. I drew my Bowtech back aquired his lungs through my peep site And let my Axis Arrow, with my 100gr Magnus Broadhead flying perfectly.So I thought.

    30 plus years waiting for this moment,Countless Hours,freezing in my stand. Only to choke, and miss. Right over his back. I was heart broken,Crying like a small child who lost his/her candy.

    I could not believe that I had the Oppertunity of a life time, everything was perfect.Except for me. I spent the rest of the day with my head hung very, very low.

    I kept running the situation over, and over again looking for something to blame. But Could not find anything to blame, but myself. This will take me some time to get over. Here it is 1:42 am and I'm still heart broken can't sleep, can't eat just sitting on my couch like a lump of goal using that word instead of what I really wanted to say.

    All in all i'm thankful that I wad plessed for an brief moment in time to be in the presence of such a wonderful Animal.

    Thanks for reading my adventure, and sharing my Mis-fortune. Hopefully I will be able to get another chance at such a wonderful Deer.

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    Sorry to hear that. We've all been there though! That nervous shake is what makes hunting exciting

  4. Well...That's bow hunting.. Never a sure thing.. Just be glad you didn't wound such a magnificent creature..
    It's all a journey...Take time to laugh at yourself once in awhile..

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    we have all been there, the good thing is.... it was a clean miss and you'll have another opportunity next year. could have been worse and wounded it and lost it

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