.17 Caliber Hog Hunting
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Thread: .17 Caliber Hog Hunting

  1. .17 Caliber Hog Hunting

    What is your all opinion about hog hunting with a .17 Caliber Rifle. The area i hog hunt is primitive or rim-fire only. Thanks!

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    I've never been hog hunting, (I've always wanted to) but as far as the power of the little .17, I know first hand that they will go clean through a quarter at a measured 50 yards. I have the Savage model 93, I love it, its my go to plinker. Expensive to shoot compared to a .22 If hog hunting is any thing like deer hunting where you can get proper shot placement, I would think the .17 should do the job if you are only allowed a rim fire. Like I said, proper shot placement. Happy hunting.
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    We have killed several hogs on my lease with the .17HMR. But you have to have them standing still and head shoot them. It works if shot in the eye, ear or top of the spine.
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    I have never been hog hunting. Seems a little small to me.

    Good Luck

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    Why not use a .22 magnum?
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  7. "Use enough gun" (Robert Roark) Africa

    I hunt hogs a lot with rifle and bow, and have killed 25+. The 17 is a great varmint round, but trust me, hogs are a different ballgame . These are tough animals. I have witnessed a head shot straight on between the eyes from 75 yards with a 220 Swift with little apparent effect. Same result on a shoulder shot with a 308. I've one-shotted several with my AR (556), but at close range, behind ear, and steep downward angle. Bottom line... you have a moral obligation to kill an animal quickly and cleanly. With your restrictions , try bow hunting. I've never had any hog go more than 30 yards. Plus, it's pretty darn satisfying. Good luck! My 2 cents..

  8. I use a .22 WMR for hog hunting in AL WMA during squirrel season. While I haven't had the luck of getting one yet (nor even seeing them), a .22 WMR will do the job if you put the round in the right place. In this case, a .22 WRM (and .17 Mag) will work if you put it right behind the ear. It's definitely a snipe round for hogs, not a spray pray operation.

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    I dont know what the laws are like in other states , but down here in texas we kill them with any means ( other than poison ) nessesary . We have a hog invasion . Even in the citys . Its amazing what they can do to a golf course over night .
    From my own exireance , it seems the the faster the bullet the less likely to drop them on the spot . I have never shot one with the .17 hmr but have shot one between the eyes with a .17 Remington . It was like the bullet skipped of the skull plate . Blood ' skin and even some bone all over the place , but we never found that hog . I probably should have waited for a shot be hind the ear .
    But i have shot many other between the eyes with a .22 long rifle and everyone of them fell in thier tracks .

  10. What about a shotgun with slugs? Those are frequently used in areas judged to be too close to urban areas. I agree you have an obligation to the animal to make a swift, clean kill.
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by Hoganbeg View Post
    What about a shotgun with slugs? Those are frequently used in areas judged to be too close to urban areas. I agree you have an obligation to the animal to make a swift, clean kill.
    What is the effective range of a shot gun with slugs? how accurate?

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