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    First time NY Hunter

    Hi everyone! I am an avid shooter and CCW. This winter I plan to get involved in deer hunting. I live in Putnam county NY where it is legal to rifle hunt. However, I am a novice and am not sure what gear, clothing etc....I need to have or carry with me. I am not afraid to get my hands dirty so gutting my kill will not be a problem. I just need to know what experienced hunters think a novice should bring with them into the field. What is your suggestion for clothing on the hunt etc....Any suggestions of where to hunt in NY is also very welcome. I look forward to your responses and sage advice.

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    Deer season in NY is in the fall. You missed it.

    First, you need to locate public property on which you can hunt, or get specific permission from a private owner. That assumes, of course, that deer hunting is allowed on whatever land you want to hunt.

    Second, you should spend the summer scouting the property, looking for the game trails and marking them on a gps or map.

    Get a set of binoculars. Don't scope an unknown object. Use the binoculars to make a positive identification before you put your scope on the target.

    Get a good field dressing knife and a deer drag to remove the carcass.

    Bring a pen to fill in your tag.

    Carry a headlamp and extra batteries - you could be following a blood trail for hours into darkness.

    Also, carry whatever you need to survive an unexpected night in the woods.

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    Carry the firm conviction that you will not shoot unless you have a sure and positive shot that you can place with true confidence. Then get yourself the other things needed!
    "A pistol defends your property and your person from unanticipated threats from thieves and robbers. With it, you can control your immediate environment. A rifle defends your freedom from oppressors and tyrants. With it, you can enforce your will" -Gabe Saurez

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