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    I am looking at hunting a area that is Primitive weapon or Shotgun only. What size shot is best for Squirrel ( fox Squirrel ) Thanks! Any other Suggestions?

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    6's would work. Squirrels are tougher than you might think.

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    #5 or #6 in any gauge with a modified choke/barrel. If you drop down to a 20 Gauge you can hunt all day in a squirrel infested forest and not have your shoulder beat up.
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    Yep,#5 or #6 works just fine.

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    5 would be my pick
    If you have 6 that would do.
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  7. I've shot 100's with 7 1/2s mod choke.

  8. I like 6 and if you like a primitive hunt try blackpowder shotgun.

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    I use 22 LR in a Marlin MOD 60 platform. Lots of fun, cheap shooting and have culled 70 plus in the last few months. They're tearing up my bird feeders and tired of going through over 70 Lbs of feed a month. NSZ on my property. Even have my Sheppard trained to hear and spot the tree rats.
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