.223 rifle to hunt with
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Thread: .223 rifle to hunt with

  1. .223 rifle to hunt with

    Guys. Anybody recommend a .223 rifle that I can hunt with up to deer size plz must be bolt action

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mousedaddy View Post
    Guys. Anybody recommend a .223 rifle that I can hunt with up to deer size plz must be bolt action
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    You may check your states hunting regs. Several states that I have hunted in require something bigger than .22 caliber to hunt deer.

    I know a guy in VA who uses a .218 Bee and was let go by a friendly but stern warning by a F&G Officer. I was there and very surprised he was permitted to keep his rifle.


  5. .223 rifle to hunt with

    I'm in GA and you can hunt here with a.22 center fire according to the NRA site

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    Savage 10XP Predator Hunter in .223 ~ 22" BBL ~ 43" Overall ~ 1 in 9 twist ~ 7.25 LBS ~ Mossy Oak finish ~ 4~12x40 scope ... was around $760 thru Davidson's ... this thing is a tack driver! (also comes in a 'snow' camo...at least it used to).

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    223 is a varminting round not a deer round. For deer you need to jump up one more calibre, to 243. Otherwise you are just wasting your own time and probably wasting a deer carcass as well, which you will never find, after you shoot it with a 223.

  8. .223 rifle to hunt with

    I was told by numerous people that you can hunt with a .223 you have to use hunting rounds not fmj

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    This is shocking to me that a AR 15 won't bring a deer down?
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    Lots of deer are taken with .223 and many from AR15's but good shot placement is important as it should always be considered for an ethical hunt as no one should want to chance long suffering by their game animals.
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  11. I would not hunt with anything less then a 308. I would not even hunt with a 270. One shot one kill.

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