Trying out bow hunting this year
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Thread: Trying out bow hunting this year

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    Trying out bow hunting this year

    Know this is a gun forum, but this is the hunting section.

    Anyway, after taking a 'break' from bows for over 30+ years, my son has convinced me to try bowhunting with him this year. Picked up a used Matthews Mission for a good price (guy had troupble selling due to being left-handed). Bows have certainly changed over the years!!

    Getting the hang of it a bit, nice that I can set up a range and shoot in my backyard for sure. First time to try a bow with sights and all the bells & whistles though, so getting used to it.

    Anyone hunt with a bow? Like it?

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    yup... I like both traditional (recurve) and compounds... each has its own place

    you r correct, things have changed a bunch in the compound bow area, but not so much at all for the traditionals (other than the prices - about triple)...

    in the 70's I was stationed on Guam, and got my first look at a had heavy steel yokes bolted to heavy and stiff fiberglass limbs..... they were very heavy compared to a recurve (or even by today's compound bow standards) also they were very loud and delivered some serious hand shock. Most archers frowned on the first compounds, calling it an expensive waste of time, and most guessed that compound bows would not be allowed for hunting... yeah, things have changed...

    Try to get yourself a decent 3d deer target with replacable target area to practice on, and practice a bunch from all sorts of distances, angles, up-hill & down-hill, and from trees if you plan to hunt that way.

    I've had very long, enjoyable relationships with archery and guns, targets and hunting.... I wouldn't want to give up either until my body tells me "no more"...

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    Gave up rifle hunting in 2000 and have hunted with a bow ever since. I like that the deer aren't as spooked and it is so much closer of a shot.

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    Thanks guys, agree on the changed, it is crazy. I have one of the blocks right now for the target but looking into the 3D like suggested. Bow is a nice setup, hear that Matthews makes good stuff so that is a plus. Little sticker shock on arrows since it had been so long. But then they are made of some serious materials these days.

    Son is setting up the tree stand since we have the area for it and will try some from there. Get the 3D at that time for a more realistic shot setup. We currently have the block in a homemade target stand that is moveable around the property so can get different shooting situations to practice on.

    Looking forward to hunting this year with it as it seems it would require a bit more skill due to the closer distances.

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    Welcome back, I bought a mission bow 6 years ago and I love it. Paid just under 500 fully set up. Fast, quiet and accurate for a nice low price. Good luck.

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    Thanks Zeebea. Agree with you on the Mission, is is fast and quiet. One I got is fully set up including hard case so worked out well.
    Shot it last night in the rain to try it out, no difference in the shots but the sights if they got wet seemed a little distorted with water on them. May be me though.

  8. I'm not a straight up bowhunter for sure. I got a handicapped permit to use a crossbow during archery season so I could have a little more hunting time and did quite well my first season. Looking forward to more this year. I used to shoot a bow frequently-just didn't have the time to spend to bowhunt. Now that I'm retired, I have the time and place so might as well use the opportunity to reduce the deer population.

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