Favorite North Texas Dove Gun?
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Thread: Favorite North Texas Dove Gun?

  1. Favorite North Texas Dove Gun?

    Interested in what everyone uses and why. Pump, Auto, O/U, SXS?? Short or long, etc?

  3. I don't live in texas but I do enjoy dove hunting. I use a weatherby 20 ga. o/u most of the time, when I need that extra shot(can only have three at the most in TN.) I use a remington 1100 light 20 ga. If you have a hot dove field a semi auto is easier on your shoulder, I shoot the o/u most of the time because it fits me better. My o/u has 28" barrels and my remington has 26", I like longer barrels it helps me with my fallow through.I use winchester AA trap loads or remington heavy dove loads ,they cost a little more but the clean kills are worth it.Good luck with your dove hunting and be safe out there.

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