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    Game Camera

    Anybody have a recommendation for a decent game camera? Need inferred and decent pixels to identify who is going through my property to the crack house next door.

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    Game Camera

    Dang, I wish I remembered the name of them. I have some up at my family's property in NE Oregon that I use to catch poachers and they work great. Identified the access they were using by the tire tracks and placed a camera right at the gate. Got clear shots of several vehicle plates as well as faces. Can't remember the name of them for the life me now though.

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    I ordered a Moultrie Game Spy M-990i yesterday from Wallie Mart. Easy to return if not satisfied.

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    Google is your friend. There's probably forums dedicated to game photography, too. Certainly there's some related to hunting. People there can give you good info.

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