Chose not to shoot a 7 Point
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Thread: Chose not to shoot a 7 Point

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    Chose not to shoot a 7 Point

    Some of you know, first year hunting with a bow. Saturday evening, a 7 point stepped into the shooting lane I was set up on. Shot would have been about 45-50 Yards. Deer was quartering away from me, more than 45% turned away.

    Didn't take the shot. Thinking it was a good call.

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    Good call!

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    Agreed, good call.
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    Thanks, thought it was. But have to be honest, tough to watch it move back into the brush and disappear.

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    He'll be back... be patient.
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    Been there a few times myself. Sometimes if I've already put some meat in the freezer and have a tag or two left I'll let a deer go just because they're interesting to watch. They're really social animals and have a huge variety of vocalizations. I've been able to identify a few more new sounds that helped bag me some deer last season.

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