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    First deer

    Oct 29 my 16 year old son brought home his first whitetail deer. a five piont buck with his bow, perfect shot only had to track around 80 yards. he called it in twice with no artificial calling device just his own voice like a sheep sound. it walked 20 feet in front of him broadside. had to be one of the greatest times with him. a time we will never forget. i guess it's time for steaks and chops, and smoke up some jerky.

    S.W. MI.
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    wolfhunter Guest
    Congratulations to your son! Thank you for the report, for teaching him an important skill, and involving him in a great tradition.

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    Nice job to you and Ryan... 1st one is always going to be remembered. You need to post a pic to show him off!
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    that is awesome! and calling it in with his own voice is impressive.. I've never tried that.. maybe that's why I came up empty handed this season..
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    Right on!
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