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    Are they that abundant or was that an excemptional outing? Either way, that is a bunch of venny!
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    Wow! How do they taste compared to other "stateside" deer breeds?
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    They're delicious. Tastes just like chicken! j/k The meat tastes a lot like white tail or elk. Main difference is that these deer are a lot smaller.

    We have a nice population of Axis deer on the islands of Lanai, Maui and Molokai. Being that we don't have any predatory mammals (mountain lions, coyotes, etc) it's pretty much up to the hunters to keep the deer population in check. I get calls from farmes on the island of Maui on a regular basis to visit their farm lands and help "regulate" the deer population. I'm also a registered hunting guide, so many times I'll take clients along while I go and reduce the deer and wild pig population on the farms. The farmer compensates me for my efforts, and the clients compensate me for a great hunt. Everyone goes home happy, and I end up with a freezer full of meat.

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    nice deer.. was hoping to do as well... but was not so lucky when I went.. oh well there is always next year.
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    I had family in town and missed Florida's fall muzzleloader season and the Thanksgiving weekend early gun session. General Gun opens again on 11/13, and with a spring muzzle loader season, I'll have until March 1 to harvest something for the freezer.

    GF, your Axis are a small species, but larger than the 4 sub-species of Florida Whitetail. Our huge beasts average 125 pounds according to an ecology and management study conducted by Florida's FWC.

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    I just picked it up from the processor this morning. I got 6 big jalapeno-cheddar summer sausages, 4 big logs of breakfast sausage, Italian meatballs, "tenderized" steaks, 4 lbs ground, tenderloins, backstraps, stew meat, & pre-cut jerky slices.....the summer sausage is AWESOME. I'm looking forward to eating this deer...
    Victory rewards not the army that fires the most rounds, but who is the more accurate shot. ---Unknown

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    Nice deer! I shot my first 6 point today too.

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    I know thisis a old post, I thought they where called FALLOW deer & need permitt & a spesifict number of acres
    if they get loose & breed they could WIPE OUT THE WHITETAIL populatoin JUST HEARD IT YEARS AGO
    YELLOW TOO RED IN .03 sec.

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