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Thread: Deer Hunting Rifle Recommendations?

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    The Blaser is a fine rifle if but quite pricey, you can still pick up Rem. 700 and even the 788 very reasonable. If you are hunting whitetails the .270 is superb but I would not overlook the 7mm-08. a very fine and effective choice. Good luck on your hunt.
    Yea, it is a pricey rifle. Good thing is he gave it to me in trade for some things I'm helping him out with.

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  3. I hunt with a Howa 270 bolt action, Howa is the company that makes the actions for weatherby.You can get these guns on gunbroker on the net in your price range. The howas come in all the deer hunting calibers, I would stick with a tried and true deer caliber such as 30-06 , 270, 308 . I wouldn't go with a magnum cartridge unless you are also planning on hunting elk or bear or other larger game.Try as many rifles and cartridges as you can before you buy and good luck and be safe.

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    If price is a concern and this is going to be a deer rifle and nothing larger, you can get by very well with anything in a .243 caliber. There are many models that are decent on the market at great prices. Rem 700 in a .243 would do you just fine.

    Personally, I have a .30-06 Weatherby Vanguard that I absolutely love. I use it for both deer and bear.
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