My second buck
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Thread: My second buck

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    wolfhunter Guest

    My second buck

    Today I went out for a morning deer hunt. Sunrise was at 6:57, so I was in my stand and ready at 6. At about 7, a "parade" of 12 does entered the clearing from uphill, headed towards a nearby creek. Beautiful sight, but nothing to shoot at.
    At 8, another doe walked out from the same area as the others. But she was followed by the biggest buck we've seen on this property in years. The doe started back into the wooded patch she'd been in. I was afraid of losing this buck, so I took a less than optimal shot with the buck facing me. He tipped the scale at 180, and his 7 point rack is 4 inches around at each base.

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    Sounds like some good eating coming up.
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    wolfhunter Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by HK4U View Post
    Sounds like some good eating coming up.
    Yep, my B-I-L, his son, a friend and I have each taken a deer this year, and we share. Good eats for sure.

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    Thumbs up Nicely Done!

    Very Nicely Done... A good Venison Steak, Eggs, Potatoes and Coffee is hard to beat!
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    Congratulations! Will you be posting some pictures any time soon?
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    sound's like a real nice buck, weight and rack. very nice job enjoy.
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    Definitely cause for celebration!

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    wolfhunter Guest
    Tat- as soon as I get them from my brother in law.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gdcleanfun View Post
    Definitely cause for celebration!
    Yes, Ma'am God Idea, We can get Wolfhunter and his B-I-L to bring Steaks, And Tatted to bring Cookies, Cakes and Stuff from Yesterdays Celebration suggestions, we can truely party hardy.
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    Feb Field & Stream

    My Feb 2k9, Field & Stream is in and there is a what looks to be a good Blackened Venison Steak Recipe. Check it out...
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