150 yard coyote dropped with thermal
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Thread: 150 yard coyote dropped with thermal

  1. 150 yard coyote dropped with thermal

    Video below.
    Got out for a couple hours last night near Winnie. Only saw one coyote and the wind was not in my favor. I watched her run back and forth across the field for over 30 minutes at a distance. I had opened a bucket of rotten food/soured corn, but she wouldn't come in. So I blew on the wounded rabbit call to entice her a little more. She stopped and started messing with something at about 150 yards. Turned out to be the coyote I didn't recover from last weekend. Since she was already apprehensive about coming any closer, I decided to take the shot.
    120 SST. 12.5"ARP 6.8 SPC upper from Eric at Blackstone Arms. Sig Sauer 762 titanium QD suppressor from Silencer Shop. Reap-IR thermal from Cliff at Third Coast Thermal

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    150 yds is not a hard shot. The various American made carbines are designed for 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 moa.

    Therefore at 150 yards these groups are normally 2 1/4 to 3 1/3 inches, clearly tight enough to drop a coyote sized animal.

    What is more notable is that your night thermal scope seems to be perfectly aligned.

    If Mexicans ever crossed the border at night you would be the perfect militia vigilante to take them out.

    Good bore-sighting!

  4. I would add an additional 1-2 MOA when shooting with thermal. It's not like looking though crystal clear glass and seated on a bench with a lead sled. (Although I was using shooting sticks to be as humane about it as possible and the clarity looking through the lens is really good-- loses a lot of resolution on video) plus standing in a muddy field with lots of mosquitoes.
    This optic uses the Dloc mounting system which returns to zero quite well.
    It was being used as a dedicated scope, not a clip on. The reticle is a standard + crosshair, but when converted to video the + goes away, or at least the horizontal line does. I've got it sighted in to be about 1.75" high at 100 yds which puts me back on zero at about 180 and an inch low at 200. But even at 25 yards I couldn't have hoped for the bullet to find a better place to land with him slightly quartering away like that.

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    Hi! That was a nice shot from 150 yards. what thermal scope are you using? I use ARMASIGHT predator 336 2-8x25 Thermal imaging scope. It's a good one and very affordable for it qualities.

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