5 coyotes taken with thermal
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Thread: 5 coyotes taken with thermal

  1. 5 coyotes taken with thermal

    Video below.
    Landowner texted me a couple weeks ago with a coyote problem. Made it out last Saturday night and got 5. Recovered 4, but knew the unrecovered one was dead (4th one from his video-- u can see him spurting blood running and get wobbly and then fall over- found him last night after shooting/recovering another one).
    12.5" ARP 6.8 spc from eric at Blackstone arms. Reap-ir thermal from Cliff at third coast thermal Sig 762 titanium QD can.

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    You're really good at this.

    Did you need to bait them? Or were they easy to locate from their yelping and howling?

  4. Thanks, I opened a bucket of soured corn/rotten food that I think had em comin in. But I also used a rabbit in distress hand call a little. I used the hand call while watching the bobcat and then scanned with the thermal in the opposite direction and that last coyote came running in. I've also killed 8-10 hogs out there the past month so there are pig carcasses that have probably been drawing them to the area for a good few weeks now also.

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    The various canines, and the bears and pigs, have a strong sense of smell. So baiting them apparently works really well to attract them.
    Good shooting.

  6. Thank you, sir!

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    Is there a bounty on the pelts where you are? Not sure if that still happens, but many years ago in WA State we were gettin' $75 bucks a pelt for 'em from the local dairy and cattle ranchers association.

    Thanks for taking us with you on the hunt. Impressive skills (and gear) you have there.
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  9. Thank you

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    Great shooting, which gun is that?

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    Great video and shooting. How far out were the coyotes?

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