My son's first deer...
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Thread: My son's first deer...

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    My son's first deer...

    He took her at around 40 yards with a well placed lung shot with a .243. He is seven years old, and I could'nt be any prouder of him than if he wouldve killed a B&C buck..

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    Good job! I'm talking about both you and your son. What kind of rifle did he use; you mentioned the caliber, but not the make and model.
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    He was using his H&R HandiRifle he got for Christmas the year prior.

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    FAther/Son Time.... I really does not get any better than that does it? Nicely done, Both of you!
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    Great job. there's nothing better than time out hunting with one of your children. the memory will be there forever. keep it up.

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    Nicely done. Congrats to both of you.

  8. Great when it gets to the stage that our kids can hunt with us. Congratulations

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    This brought a tear to my eye, This made me remember the first time I took my son out hunting. (He is now 30) We didn't get anything, but it was a great father and son adventure and we had many more. I would, and you should be proud!
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    Congratulations to both of you, and glad to see that you are carrying on the hunting tradition. Can't wait to take my son for the first time next year, he will be seven.

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    Outstanding! My youngest son (now 25) has accompanied me on various hunting escapades since he was 5 years old. We still spend MANY weekends together throughout the year, hunting waterfowl, pheasant, deer (gun and bow) as well as training hunting dogs. Interesting that during some of the "stressful" teen years, our mutual love of hunting kept us close. Here's what you, hopefully, have to look forward to: today, he and I spent the whole day together doing some re-modeling at his place, what a blessing. He's my best friend.

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