2 coyotes in thermal
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  1. 2 coyotes in thermal

    Slow night. Saw these 2 coyotes around 2am and managed to get within about 100 yards. Scope was on the wrong reticle location setting. The Reap IR holds 4 different zeros and I was on the wrong gun/reticle location combo... my bad :/ End of video shows different reticle location save options.

    Trijicon/IR Defense Reap-IR 2.5x 35mm thermal scope from Cliff at Third Coast Thermal, 12.5" ARP 6.8 SPCII from Eric at Blackstone Arms, 120 grain Hornady SSTs, Sig Sauer SRD 762 titanium QD suppressor from SilencerShop

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    The 'yotes are getting smarter and they are spreading the word about you.

    They might hire an out of state wolf to come hunt you down for them.

    Or even a griz' from Wyoming to kick your azz.

    Watch your back.

  4. Ya I boogered that one up and made 'em smarter. This technology stuff is supposed to make it easier, but I'm starting to 2nd guess myself with all the batteries, cords, settings etc. one of these days I'm gonna double check my checklist and wind up forgetting my rifle at home lol

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    Everyone always needs to follow all their ritual prep drills before they go out into the bush.

    I use iron sights out to 50 yards. These are fool proof, even at night.

    For 100 yards or more I sight-in at the range with 3 rounds. If they are dead center and w/in 1/2 moa I am done.

    Otherwise I adjust the scope and shoot 3 more. Etc.

    I have had times when my first cold round was dead center bullseye at 2/10th moa for the hole. That is a good year.

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    Cool video even though you missed. I agree with HKS. Come up with a checklist to go through do you make sure you don't fudge it up next time.

    I've been looking into night vision recently but that's not in the cards at the moment. I got a PSA 300 BLK that I'm planning on setup for coyote hunting. For now I'm thinking it will just get a good scope and a Streamlight TLR-1 Game Spotter for it.

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    Ultimately I will also invest in a detachable night vision scope for my 5.56x45 carbine.

    The ostensible excuse will be for 'yote depredation. However I don't really plan to shoot any.

    The actual reason is simply for enhanced preparation.

    I'll need to get some more Ruger detachable scope mounts for it as well.

  8. Nice. FWIW,
    For my Eotech I use the GG&G QD/return to zero mount.
    On my day scopes I use the Bobro QD/return to zero mounts. This allows me to swap out and use the Reap-IR thermal on 4 different guns without having go back to the range and rezero every time using the 4 different preset reticle locations on the Reap and then remount the day optics afterwards without any rezeroing. Testing these mounts/optics at the range at 50 and 100 yds taking 5 shot groups and removing from and returning to the same rails slots has consistently returned within about 1/2 MOA. Cool stuff.

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