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Thread: I Want A New Hunting Knife

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    I Want A New Hunting Knife

    I am looking for a decent hunting knife with a gut hook that will last a while. I am sure the cheaper I go the less quality steel I will get. but I don't think I need the best of the best either unless there is a heck of a deal on it. something in the middle would probably work fine that keeps a decent edge. any recommendations from experience is appreciated. thanks for any input.
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    I have a Buck Folding Alpha Hunter. I've had it foe about 8 yeary and it still is as hsarp as the day I got it. (with minimal sharpening...maybe once a year I sharpen it.) I didn't pay what they have it listed for on their website. I think I paid $60 for it at Bass Pro. BUCKI have the rubber grip with the gut hook.

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    Hay 'Crow, I got the same Buck Alpha Hunter a couple years ago. The Nephew used it last fall to gut his spike horn and it worked just fine. It was pretty easy to clean and stayed sharp. I heard about them from another hunter friend in Wisconsin and was what he was starting to use. The only negative I can find is it is heavy.

    The Folding Alpha Hunter features the same modern lines as the fixed blade version, but it folds for easy pocket or belt carry. Features finger grooves and a comfortable 2-piece handle for a secure grip. Includes a lanyard hole, sheath that can be worn vertically or horizontally and the Buck 4-Ever warranty. Blade length: 3-1/2". Overall length: 8-1/2". Closed length: 5". Weight: 8 oz.

    Type: Liner lock folding knife
    420HC Blade steel
    Rubber handles
    Nylon sheath

    Closed Length: 5"
    Blade Length: 3-1/2"
    Blade Shape: Drop point
    Weight: 8 oz
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    Try A Buck Vanguard,they make them with gut hooks,but i think its called a zipper? I've been using a Vanguard for 3 years or so, I can typically skin 5 or 6 deer before it needs sharpening. And then just a few passes over a ceramic stone gets it back in shaving condition. Good Luck . Got mine for around 50 bucks.

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    Buck mini Vanguard

    Dont know whether or not you picked a new knife yet or not . I just picked a Buck Mini Vanguard at Bass Pro,this is the knife that they should've come out with first instead of the larger version. I love this knife! Perfect size,well balanced. And yes they make it in the zipper model as well!
    Good Luck

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