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    Good Morning Capo

    Here in Ohio we were only allowed to use slugs since 1955. Rifled slugs are not allowed, but most 12 gage slugs work well in the Mossburg 500 which my wife used to get one of her best bucks.
    We are now also allowed to use pistols and black powder.
    I was President of the the Toronto Rod and Gun Club in the early 1990s and a Local Judge which did alot of handgun hunting introduced the use of pistols for deer hunting.
    He did ballistic reports comparing certain pistols to the 12 gage slug gun, and we sent representatives to every wildlife hearing and Farm Bureau meeting in the State with all the information.
    It was the First Ohio new game law that introduced and passed in the same year.
    Buy a couple different manuf. slugs and see which one shoot well through your Mossburg, mine shot Remintons the best.
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