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    For those who are interested in setting up a gun rights advocacy organization, we had our first meeting tonight at Shari's in Meridian.

    If you are interested in getting involved in setting up something along the lines/model of the Va CDL, we would love to have you.

    Projects underway include a group shoot and a recruiting table at the upcoming Boise Expo Gun Show.

    PM for more information.
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    I'm out in Kuna!
    "You must prove you feared for your life. Pee in your pants."
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    I was wondering if we had an ID CDL or something in the works along those lines.

    I really wish I was closer to Boise because I was involved with the WVCDL - in fact, my range buddy is the VP. If you're in need of advice just send me a PM and I'll touch base with them.

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    Will post up the next meeting date this coming week. We have a by-laws review meeting on either Monday or Wednesday (schedule problems for the committee).

    We have talked with VCDL and gotten a copy of their by-laws in hopes of using them as a template after replacing VA with ID.

    We went shooting out on the National Guard Training area today - good times.

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    I'm in good ol' Boise!
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    Meeting this Thursday night at the Sunrise Cafe in Meridian on Main Street, 7:30 PM. Hope to see you there!
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    I'm here in Boise

  9. my wife grew up in Caldwell. I was born in Wallace. But live in Arizona. Welcome

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    Born and Raised herein Gods Country

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    Born in Caldwell
    Raised in Notus
    Been in God's Country for 52 years

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