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Thread: Any other Idahoans??

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    Sandpoint, Idaho
    Quote Originally Posted by dswickard View Post
    Welcome to all of you new folks. Jesse, shadow106, Ghost Rider, localgirl, havanagunner. Not that I'm any more older than any of you. Just got here a little earlier is all.

    Extremely glad we have someone of the fairer sex with us. Always good to get a female perspective in regards to weapons and shooting. Helps those of us who have to deal with our wives and significant others.

    Hope I don't offend anyone, I'm a little old fashioned in my speech (and written word as well). In any event, welcome everyone and hope we all have a good time exchanging ideas and learning from one another.
    Thanks, Doc. Though I have to admit, I'm having second thoughts about posting. Had an issue the other day and posted hoping to get some support/advice, and mostly got a beat-down. Maybe gun-totin' manly men isn't the place for a delicate Idaho wildflower such as myself!

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    Localgirl - Sorry to hear about that. Luke has been doing a bangup job getting those who attack people shut down. Would be happy to try to assist in any way possible. What types of questions do you have?
    Doc Swickard

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    Another one here from Idaho. I grew up in Salmon. At present I am living in Meridian.

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    welcome all you newcomers! It was lonely here in the Idaho room for a long time :-)

  6. My Wife and I are in Caldwell We are both the Owners and Instructors of Firearms Training Idaho | Gun Training Idaho Our Range is at Butte Lodge just outside of Boise.

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    I'm from Malad City, Idaho.

  8. im in idaho falls

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    I'm in Nampa and just found this site. I've got my permit but feel like I need to get some further training before I can carry.

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    Rexburg here. Decent town and full of byu-i students who are not bright at all

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    I'm just down the road in Nampa.

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