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Thread: Any other Idahoans??

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    Quote Originally Posted by KCromm View Post
    Signing in from Meridian!
    Welcome to the board.
    Don't believe everything you think.

  3. Come visit our Forum at and connect with others. I just got our forum up last week and we just had our first Idaho Open Carry dinner at the Boise Jalapenos 2 weeks ago. Our next one will be in Nampa or Meridian depending upon the vote of the OC'ers. We allow CC'ers to since most of us are that way during the winter.
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    would like to say hi to all the poeple from idaho. looking forward to reading posts and maybe posting some my self.i will take a look at the idaho open carry too.

  5. Tony in Hidden Springs here, next to Eagle. Do you OC or support OC, you should come to our dinner this Thursday at Darby's in Nampa at 7pm.

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    Tony - live in Hidden Springs myself. Should get together and meet at the Merc one of these days. Can't make the Thursday dinner (have other committments).
    Doc Swickard

  7. If any of you Idahoans are interested in starting an Idaho Open Carry (IOC) chapter in your neck of the woods, let me know. I just started this group last November in the Treasure Valley and would like to see it go state wide, with each chapter holding a monthly dinner at a local restaurant. We are doing ours at Darby's in Nampa on Feb 16at 7pm. I went to the Lewiston Gun Show in November and got about 19 people who are interested in attending dinners up there and found two large restaurants willing to host them, but that is too long of a trip for me.
    Visit our website at and click on the Facebook page.
    Email me at:
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    Pocatello here. Moved from San Diego to Pocatello about 40 years ago and have never looked back. One of the better ideas I have ever had.

  9. Idaho Open Carry dinner tonight (Thursday April 19) at 7:00pm in Boise at ON THE BORDER Mexican Grill & Cantina at 7802 Spectrum St., in the same parking lot with
    Edwards Stadium 22 Movie Theater. No reservations and it is open to all visitors, OC and CC. We will be discussing Idaho Expo's failure to abide by Idaho's constitution
    regarding open and concealed carry.

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    Open Carry is the Bold Beautiful Face of the 2nd Amendment

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    New to Boise.

    Moved here from Chicago looking for a CC club to get involved with and to meet new friends anyone out there looking to help. You can contact me at [email protected]

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    New to Boise.

    I just moved here from Chicago and am interested in joining a CC club or organization to meet new friends and support the organization. If there is anyone willing to help out a fellow shooter.

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