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I do own an AR but I know exactly what you're talking about. I was in Arizona a year or so back, and went shooting with some old "friends" that all have AR's. They DID shoot, but they spent more time at the tailgate of the truck, trying to out do one another with their latest acquisitions. "My brand is better than your brand". "Mine cost more and will hold it's value better than yours". "My sight isn't some after market junk, like your's is". Problem was, at 203 yards on the range finder, I was blowing away the clay targets as fast and as often as they were, with my Chinese sights and my $600 AR.
This is exactly my point. If you want to spend 2000 plus dollars on an AR15, thats fine. But don`t come up to me and start talking crap about how your AR15 is better than my 800 dollar AR15, because its not. If you want to spend the extra money to buy some special name brand AR15, all your doing is over paying for a name, nothing more, they all use the same parts, and they all to the same thing.