Well, last weekend was our last scheduled class for 2011. I want to thank all of the wonderful Students who attended our classes this year. I'm always impressed in the quality of folks who turn out for our classes, and 2011 was no exception. We had civilian shooters from all walks of life and skill levels, IDPA and IPSC competitors, Military and Law Enforcement. I would love to challenge the anti-gun crowd to find one person who attended our classes who might fit the negetive stereotype that so many try to force on gun enthusiasts. We did not see any of those folks. A big thanks to all who attended. Your business if very much appreciated.

We look forward to a new season of Students returning for advanced classes and new students starting out in Level 1.

For 2012, we will be offering some very special Guest Instructors for both Pistol and Carbine, including Delta Force veteran Larry Vickers (June 2012). Also, Chris Costa (April 2012) and Travis Hayley (Fall 2012) will also be out. You might know Chris and Travis from Magpul's DVD series: The Art of the Dynamic Handgun, and The Art of the Tactical Carbine. These Guest Instructors are fantastic additions to the Reliance Arms Pistol Skills 1, 2 and 3 classes we will hold in 2012. Our updated 2012 schedule will be posted by November.