Idaho Wants to Attract Gun Manufacturers
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Thread: Idaho Wants to Attract Gun Manufacturers

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    Idaho Wants to Attract Gun Manufacturers

    Great article from the Magic Valley Times News on how the State of Idaho is trying to attract not only gun manufacturers, but related businesses, like holster and optic manufacturers. According to the article, no less than eight companies contacted them after Idaho did some advertising. Great news for Idaho residents and kudos to your Department of Commerce!

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    That would be great! Idaho is already one of America's most gun friendly states, and living in a gun friendly state that has plenty of manufacturers of firearms and firearm accessories would just be the icing on the cake. I hope this goes well.

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    That Would be a better place than some of the anti gun states that many are in now.
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    Buck Knives figured it out that Idaho is a good place to manufacture knives. They have a great facility in Post Falls across the interstate from the new Cabela's store. I hope that the gun manufactures will follow.

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    was just at a "Capitol for the Day" meeting with the Gov on Friday in Nezperce. He spoke to how dept of commerce has some names out there, just looking for cities who want the mfrs there.

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