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Thread: Idaho Enhanced Concealed Weapons permit

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    Washington State now recognizes the "enhanced" permit only.....

    Excellent news.

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    The enhanced permit is a joke. I already have an Idaho permit which means I have past the back ground check and all of that, so it should be good in any state. But no, they want me to pay to be lectured by some idiot for a few hours, then waste more money to shoot just under a hundred rounds of ammo just to get there enhanced permit. Nothing but a way to get more money out of you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost Rider View Post
    The enhanced permit is a joke. . . Nothing but a way to get more money out of you.
    That's ridiculous. The enhanced concealed was designed to meet the most stringent standards of CWPs throughout the 50 states so that it would be recognized by as many of those states as possible. You can complain that your standard Idaho CWP should be accepted nationwide, and you're right. Hell, I don't think you should need a license to carry anywhere. But right doesn't make it legal many states where the requirements of your standard Idaho license are less than theirs. If you want to meet a more demanding threshold and carry in more places, this is one way to do it.
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  5. In addition to New Mexico, Nevada, West Virginia, So Carolina and Washington, are there other states that now accept Idaho's enhanced version? Anyone know of any changes since the above posts? Although we check with each state before crossing, these maps sure simplify route planning.

  6. According to the ISP website, Virginia now recognizes the enhanced only permit. And according to the supreme court, Washington DC will now recognize any permit. (good luck with that). That should take us to 36 states plus (good luck) DC.

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