Getting Concealed Carry Passed in Illinois
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Thread: Getting Concealed Carry Passed in Illinois

  1. Getting Concealed Carry Passed in Illinois

    Illinois is right on the verge of being the last state in the union to provide some form of concealed carry permits.

    With Republicans taking over both the State House and Senate as well as the governor's Office in Wisconsin, a "shall issue" or even "constitutional carry" law will soon be enacted "behind the cheddar curtain".

    When that happens, the cheddar curtain will magically disappear and Illinois will remain behind the "Chicago Machine Curtain".

    The Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA) is actively pursuing concealed carry in Illinois and has provided a number of initiatives to try and get the word out to all residents of Illinois.

    The trouble is, the Chicago media, but print and electronic pays little attention to what the rest of the State is interested in.

    The Town Hall meetings that the ISRA is currently holding all over the State are beneficial in that they do get some media coverage (but not from the Chicago media even when the meetings are held there). The trouble with the Rigfht to Carry Twon Hall meetings is they only attract voters who are already in favor of concealed carry. The ISRA is preaching to the choir.

    What needs to happen is to get speakers in front of every single possible audioence and most importantly, in front of audiences who wilol get involved by contacting their legislators and most imnportantly, vote.

    That means speaking in front of American Legion, VFW, Knights of Columbus, Rotary, Lions, Elks, Moose and the lsit is endless.

    If you really want to get involved in gettinmg the law passed, then please join the ISRA and the NRA and get vocal. Write a ltter to your local Editor, ask the leaders of any groups that you may belong to to ask the ISRA to provide a speaker at the next monthly meeting.

    We can beat this but only if we start acting smarter.

    A law abiding citizen of Illinois is a disarmed target waiting to become a victim

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    Are there any Pink Pistols chapters in Illinios? Reaching out to non-traditional demographics can go along way to help our cause.

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