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[I]"If they get turned off by your passion in supporting a fundemental right as guaranteed by the US Constitution and confirmed by the US Supreme Court then I suggest you actively campaign to put an American in office and get rid of the person who has sworn an oath to uphold and support the US Constitution and is instead attempting to deny your rights.

Illinois belongs to the American citizens that live there, not the political lackeys of the Chicago machine. As i said in my original post:

Now, right now, this is the time for all of us to stand up and start taking back our State from the politicians who think they are rulers, not representatives of the people. __________________
In an ideal world I would agree with you. We live, however, in Illinois where the the Machine controls the party and is backed backed by the unions. Politicians depend on the graveyard vote to make sure they get re-elected.
This does not mean I have given up the fight, just that I adjust my tactics. Just because I call my representative and TELL him how he should vote doesn't mean he is going to listen to me.
I will use a little psychology however. A representative who is uncertain whether to back concealed carry would still react like anybody. Get in his face tell him to back it or else and what do you expect from him. He will think ALL gun owners are cretins and there is no way they should be allowed to carry firearms. Talk to him like a regular human being (not a god like being) explain to him the benefits of concealed carry and you may win him over.