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Thread: This is the week, House Bill 148 vote nears

  1. I don't post here too much because of all of the folks who claim that illinois will never get concealed carry because....yadeyadeya

    The reason Illinois doesn't have concealed carry because none of you guys that claim will ever happen also do absolutely nothing to help.

    Here's the facts as it stands today. The 7th US District Court Appelate is about ready toi rule concerning Moore/Shepartd v. (Lisa) Madiggan. It is most like;ly that they will order an injunction against enforcement of the Illinois Statue concerning Aggravated Unlawful Use of Weapon and Unlawful Use of Weapon. If they order an injunction without a stay to allow the Legislature time to pass a concealed carry bill, than your FOID automatically becomes a concealed carry permit. If they order a stay for "X" amount of days to allow the legislature tp pass a Bill (like 148 or 5745) than the Governor will have no choice but to sign it.

    If the Court does rule oin our favor, it is unlikely that Lisa Madigan will be allowed (by the national anti-gun forces) to appeal the decision to the US Supreme Court because because a favorable ruling there would preempt the entire country and States that now have "may issue" would be forced to issue concealed carry permits to all of their citizens.

    A lot of you folks spew your limited knowledge without learning any of the actual facts and with a failure to understand how Illinois politics actually work.

    Quinn is desperate to be re-elected. He only won three counties the last time (but the popular vote) and he has lost two of them now. He needs to get some form of pension reform passed before the State is declared bankrupt and every State agency gets shutdown. He will trade anyrthing away to get pension reform through and ensure his re-election. But as long as he feels that no one really cares about concealed carry (because of people standing on the sideleines saying it will never happen) he will feel empowered and will attempt to get even more restrictive laws passed. Watch for him to go after a hicap magazine ban in the next few days.

    Every Illinois politician is a whore at heart. They will sell their very souls and agree to concealed carry if it will help them get re-elected.

    Wise up and start helping instead of standing on the sidelines booing those of us that are trying to get concealed carry passed. The reason we are not making progress if because we are so few. If you really believe in concealed carry in Illinois get off your collective arses and help us get it done.
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    A law abiding citizen of Illinois is a disarmed target waiting to become a victim

  3. The facts are that Quinn isn't the one in charge. It seems that YOU are the one that doesn't understand how it works in Illinois. Mike Madigan is the ring leader of that circus. And he's going to make sure that this case is drawn out long enough for the make-up of scotus to be changed to the president's liking. The NRA needs to get it's head out of it's "arse", and get concealed carry for dowstate, and THEN work on crook county. They've used this strategy in other states successfully...It WILL work! But you just hang in there with the NRA kool-aid drinkers and let Madigan keep laughing, because that's what he's doing. This case goes to scotus no matter which side wins. That gives the chicago crew all the time they need to get the tables turned on the high court, and "BINGO", Madigan and Rahm's little problem with concealed carry is forever gone! Quinn really has nothing to do with it in actuality. He does, says, signs, opposes, proposes exactly what he's "advised" to do by the chicago machine. His re-election, or being kicked to the door, is entirely up to the whims of his handlers. To think otherwise is truly showing that you know nothing about illinois politics.
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