For Illinois Residents; Concealed carry in Illinois
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Thread: For Illinois Residents; Concealed carry in Illinois

  1. For Illinois Residents; Concealed carry in Illinois

    I really hope most of you will read this in the spirit that it is written.

    We are making huge strides in getting concealed carry passed in Illinois. The Illinois General assembly is currently considering (IL) House Bill 148 , the The Family and Personal Protection Act which is concealed carry in Illinois.

    We have two MAJOR court cases poending, one in the US Centreal Illinois District, Moore v. Madigan and the other in the Southern Illinois US District, Shepard v. Madigan et al. Both have the potential of immediately granting concealed carry in Illinois.

    If you are really interested in learning the status of the fight, then us at
    Illinois Carry - A Website Dedicated To Advancing Conceal Carry For Illinois

    We are part of both law suits along with the Second Amendment Foundation, the Illinois State Rifle Association and the National Rifle Association. All of the principals invvolved in this fight are forum members at Illinois Carry and post every day.

    Forgive me the passion, but if you really want concealed carry to pass in Illinois, stop standing on the sidelines whining that it ain't fair and help us.

    We almost made it through the House this past Spring and the bill is alive until the end of 2012. Between the courts, the pressure on the Legislature and the voters of Illinois, we will get this passed.

    If you want to participate in the history that we are making instead of just watching, then get off your collective a$$es and give us a hand.

    And by the way, I am a retired Illinois police officer and I already have an Illinois concealed carry permit. If I care this much, why don't you?
    A law abiding citizen of Illinois is a disarmed target waiting to become a victim

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    You are addressing the correct people, but some including myself will focus on your attempt to be offensive instead of your intentions of you're post.

    I live in Utah and enjoy the gun friendly attitude that does not have the restrictions of a lot of other states. I do not have any intentions of visiting Illinois so...... Good luck.

  4. well gosharootie and shucksandbygollie!

    sorry I offended you!
    Read some of the posts in this section and all the whining and wrong information being put out and then try and understand my frustration with people whining here when they could be helping there.

    As far as visiting Illinois? Don't bother! Our Governor (one of the few remaining not already in jail or out on parole) doesn't want tourists or even any new businesses starting up so stay out west.
    A law abiding citizen of Illinois is a disarmed target waiting to become a victim

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    I'm not offended, this won't effect me. But if you were trying to rally people for a cause, better to use honey than vinegar.

  6. oh, puLEEZE help us get concealed carry passed in illinois, PULEAZEEE!!!!!!

    not my style. I could sit back and say, "got mine" too but I'm not.

    There are five dead women in Tinley Park who were executed in a robbery because they couldn't defend themselves and cops still don't have a clue who did it and that was two years ago.

    Sixty-four Chicago Public School students have been shot or killed since school started and this is only Nov ember. The thugs and criminals own the streets of Chicago and Forbes magazine lists Springfield, the capitol of Illinois, as the third most dangerous city to live in America.

    Last weekend, two people were shot dead in Chicago and another seventeen wounded and not one single shooter is in custody.

    People are dying in Illinois because they cannot defend themselves and the State legislatature is insuring that the good citizens are continuing to be the victims. The concealed carry prohibition was passed for racial reasons right after the 1968 riots by the Daley regime. I live in a State full of corrupt politicians and the only reason they get away with it is because the good people all stand around wringing their hands hoping that somebody will do something.

    It is time to take back the State and concealed carry is a great place to start.

    Interstoing that no one from Illinois has commented, eh?
    A law abiding citizen of Illinois is a disarmed target waiting to become a victim

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    Passed along to my e-mail buddies.
    Also saying a prayer for enlightenment of Illinois politicians.

  8. and Welcome Home! VN6869

    Lai Khe in III Corps Jan 66 Sept 68
    A law abiding citizen of Illinois is a disarmed target waiting to become a victim

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    Welcome Home Budman

    Can Tho IV 68 - 69

    Chu Lia and Pleiku 71 - 72

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    Thank you for your service, you tw-- vn6869 and Budman. I can understand your frustration. Once every 4 years I have to go the Australian Embassy to vote for our Prime Minister. It is like walking in an Aussie street. I've visit and lived in corrupted countries and i can understand your feelings...especially when you have a standard to compare from other cities.
    "Don't let the door hit ya where the dawg shudda bit ya!"
    G'day and Glock

  11. So what is it that we should do to help get this law passed.

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