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  1. 997 Co-sponsor Petition PLEASE SIGN

    Dear neighbor,
    Thank you for writing to advise me of your position on the issue of concealed carry.
    I certainly appreciate having received your input. I want you to know that I agree with you and am working to bring concealed carry to Illinois. It is unacceptable for Illinois to be the only state without a conceal and carry law.
    As for the proposed legislation this session, there have been a number of bills and amendments that address conceal and carry. Unfortunately, many of those proposals are just political games from Chicago Democrats, toying with our 2nd Amendment rights. I am a firm believer that House Bill 997 is the only proposed legislation that will fully guarantee your right to conceal and carry. I have taken up the responsibility this session to be a sponsor of this bill and will support its passage.
    Passing this legislation is a very monumental task, and I cannot do it alone. I am starting a petition to show the massive amount of support conceal and carry has in Illinois. I am asking you to help me pass House Bill 997. Please sign my petition so I can show the Chicago Democrats the real people that wish to exorcise their 2nd Amendment rights.
    My petition reads as follows, "The Second Amendment states the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. In December 2012, the U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals reaffirmed our rights by throwing out the State of Illinois' concealed carry ban. Chicago politicians have blatantly disregarded our Constitutional rights for years, now is the time to stand up and protect our families and property from violent criminals. It is for this reason that we, the undersigned support passage of House Bill 997. We urge the General Assembly to pass concealed carry now!"
    If you would like to sign my online petition in support of concealed carry please visit http://wheeler.ilhou...ceal-carry-now/
    Again, thank you for sharing your opinions with my office. If you have any questions please contact my office at 847-973-0064.

    Barbara Wheeler
    State Representative - District 64
    District Office:
    37 E. Grand Ave. Suite 101
    Fox Lake, IL 60020
    (847) 973-0064

  3. Are you sure she is an actual Illinois politician?
    She writes in clear unambiguous language.

    I like her a lot.

    tom o.

  4. #3
    This is from April... ?
    The news media plays politics more than the politicians do.

  5. Yes, this is from April before we won the CCW battle... She really is a great politician and doesn't hurt the eyes either... Married, family and Pro 2A - guns... They way a good wife should be LOL

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