FOID renewal delays.
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Thread: FOID renewal delays.

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    FOID renewal delays.

    I am glad that you folks in Illinois are closer to CC as it has been a long fight on your part and I wish you all the best in your continued fight.
    I have a brother who lives in Batavia, Ill who is trying to renew his FOID that expires on April 30, 2013. He sent his application in February 9th and has had no response with a new FOID for his troubles. He has called and been told that they are waiting on the background check to come back to issue the renewal.
    Does Ill. require some different kind of background check than what would be run to buy a gun (NICS PHONE CALL) for the issuance of a FOID? I can not see any justifiable reason for any NICS delays since this is a renewal. He is a 20 yr Navy Vet, has no criminial record and has been a resident of Ill. for at least 25 yrs.
    If any of the Ill. forum participants can help me with some anwsers I would be most thankful. My brother spoke with the Ill. State Patrol a couple of weeks back about his concern with transporting his weapon to a his firing range without a valid FOID and the guy just kinda laughed and stated he should be very concerned. Yet they (SP) don't seem very concerned about issuing renewals in a timely manner. When my brother stated to the State Patrol on the phone that it was just their way of controling gun owners and their ability to exercise the right use their weapons they (SP) again just kinda laughed and said he could understand my brothers feeling that way.
    I told my brother that more than likely it is the state resisting renewal until after the passage of any CCW laws, instead of it being any delay on the feds part with any background check.
    Any of the Ill. participants who are having this problem let me know and if you aren't having a problem let me know also, maybe there is a problem with his paperwork that he is unaware.
    Thanks in advance and stay strong and remain vigilant.
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    September 9 update;
    As of the last week in July my brother received his FOID renewal in the mail only after calling the state patrol directly and making an inquiry about its lateness, don't know if this helped or was just coincidental timing.
    With the current reports of gun confiscations by LEOs because of revoked and null an void FOID cards I feel my brother was fortunate to get his when he did.
    He will be applying for a concealed carry license once the applications are available. Wish you all well, stay safe.
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    I live in Texas.But I can tell you this took exactly 90 days for my 1st CHL. The gun training facility said they are overwhelmed and back logged. Their classes are booked solid for some crazy period right now just for the classes! People are getting afraid they won't be able to get one, I know a guy that was denied, and they won't give him a reason, and he has no criminal record! Ammo here has gone through the roof, and some of it is very hard to find, if you can find it at all...especially 9mm. It's very suspicious to me that the government is buying up ammo that the Geneva Convention has barred from warfare? So us law abiding CHL holders are having such a tough time getting it!

  4. Have him get in touch with his reps to look into it. They should be able to push it along.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by FL180 View Post
    Have him get in touch with his reps to look into it. They should be able to push it along.
    Yea, good luck with that one. The foid card processors that were used [outsourced I suppose] were fired a couple of months back, so I guess the State Police have to do all the checking. Last week a close friend of mine got a rejection letter after waiting 3 1/2 months.
    I was just last night speaking with a personal friend who is a circuit court judge who inadvertently let his lapse, and was told it would take between 3 to 4 months. He stated he was a circuit court judge, they replied, so- 3 to 4 months, goodby.

  6. And when you finally get a FOID, it is back dated to application date rather than issue date. As much as I am not a fan of drivers license facilities (although my nearest one is much better than it used to be), why couldn't FOID be handled there? They have a camera and ability to run a background check and make a card. Why not have FOID info on a driver's license? How for about CCW too? My license already says what I can drive and ride, why not add this to it. I don't have room for my pocket pistol because my pocket is full of plastic so I can have a pistol. Let's simplify something.

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