Here is a huge WTF for Chicago
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Thread: Here is a huge WTF for Chicago

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    Here is a huge WTF for Chicago

    I mean talk about severe advanced stages of Hoplophobia!

    There is actually a law in Chicago that museums can not display weapons?

    Pitiful just pitiful. Man the hell up for crying out loud.

    Ban on Displaying Guns at City Museums Should be Lifted, Ald. Burke Says - Downtown - Chicago
    I remember going to a museum in Chicago that had a captured U Boat. Jeez.
    Tolerance of the intolerant leads to the destruction of tolerance. “You are also reminded that any inappropriate remarks or jokes concerning security may result in your arrest,” in the land of the free.

  3. There may be a law on the books but it is neither enforced or honored. I lived in the northwest suburbs of Chicago for nearly fifteen years and frequented the Art Institute of Chicago which has a collection of arms and armor Overview | The Art Institute of Chicago. While the collection display has changed it is very interesting.

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