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  1. Great news

  3. It's sort of silly to decide whether or not a non-resident can apply for an IL permit based on the permit-issuing rules in his or her home state. I guess it was holdover language from a previous draft of the bill that allowed for reciprocal agreements.

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    Great news, but for one thing: it requires the other state to have "substantially similar" training requirements. Are there any? 16 hours is substantially more than that required by most other states.

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    As in the past, state officials will wait until the last minute to come out with specifics. And, as usual, this is not a rights issue, but a political issue.
    This is a nice summation of the Illinois law:
    State Police Answer FAQ Concerning Illinois Conceal Carry | WSILTV | WSIL TV Top Stories

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    The gun banners will make every step as painful as possible. This is a fight the citizens will have to dig out a megaton at a time, in future elections, in court fights and lawsuits, and in the blogs and editorials. This group is part of a bigger agenda, and they are running wild. Not a battle we should have to fight, but we no longer have a government with the cajones the Founding Fathers had.

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