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    If you have stay overnight, do you have to leave your weapon in your car or can you take it in the motel?
    Illinois allows you to take it into your hotel room. However, make sure it is unloaded and properly cased BEFORE you exit the car. Once inside your ROOM you may load it again since your room is considered your (temporary) home. The rest of the hotel is not considered your residence though so don't carry it loaded or uncased anywhere else unless you hold an IL CCW license. IL does not recognize permits from any other state.

    Given sensitivities to firearm ownership in some locales, I would also recommend your case not be recognizable as a gun case, or that you place it inside a suitcase or something that doesn't raise suspicion. While that isn't a legal requirement there is no reason to draw unneeded attention and potentially delay your trip.

    Incredibly, IL has a few provisions in existing law and in the new CCW law that are considerably more advantageous to firearm owners than the laws in many other states. I'm amazed the "shall issue," non-resident vehicle carry, and "no need to notify an LEO unless asked" provisions were written into the law.

    Enjoy your travels!


  3. Being a life long resident of Illinois and seeing how they view guns I have a couple pieces of advice. If you are driving through Chicago or Cook County go above and beyond to secure your firearm. They are incredibly anti-firearm. I would unload, have the ammo in a separate container, and possibly even take the slide off. This is not to keep you legal as much as unhassled. The further you travel from Chicago the more reasonable law enforcement is with firearms.

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    I no longer spend my money or my time in IL. Issue solved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vernsimpson View Post
    Thanks KC for understanding my position. But I read in my my small home town paper that the IL State LE would arrest anyone carrying or had a firearm in their car or truck. Now I will admit that my small town "blab" is nothing but a gossip rag, but that is what it said. The State LEOs will do what the Governor and Attorney General want. The Gov and AG did not want the CC law and will do what ever they can to stop or at least slow it down. I know IL politics and they cherry pick and read into the law what ever they want.

    I agree with you that it would be wise to be very careful until there is some history and case law on the books. It will be interesting to see what the requirements will be to apply for a CCL. The bar may be set so high that the IL State LEOs would have trouble achieving it. IMHO
    There is alot of mis information that is purposely being disseminated by those like Rhamn and McCarthy who do not want CC in IL. This is for the purpose of discouraging the law abiding citizen from carrying. Nothing more.

    As for case law, I tell my students, "There will be test cases, don't be the test case. Until theories are proven err on the side of ultra caution."
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