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    Quote Originally Posted by XD40scinNC View Post
    Does anyone have an IL concealed carry permit in their pocket yet? Has anyone been able to complete all requirements and actually submit the paperwork to receive one?
    Many people have compelted training requirements but nobody has a carry conceal license in Illinois yet. Permit applications are expected to be available January 5th 2014. The state then a has a minimum of 30 days limbo/waiting time, to a maximum of 120 days to process and approve or deny application. Illinois Carry Licenses are expected March 2014 at earliest and May 2014 at latest (according to the letter of the law). Having said that there is nothing to stop the state from delaying issuing of carry licenses. Since the FOID law says the state has 30 days to issue foid cards, but it has not been unusual to wait 9 months. 900x what the law says.

    Both the carry law as well as the foid law are toothless in this regard. Yes the law says the ISP must do something, but there is no penalty for not doing it. So they can take as long as they want.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wolf_fire View Post
    You may open carry in the state of PA without a license except in Philadelphia (you need either a PA LTCF or a permit/license that PA honors). Also, you may not open carry in PA within your vehicle unless you are properly licensed.
    Side note: In Michigan the FOID card is good for open carry but no car carry at all.
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