The 1 hour instructor still exists.
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Thread: The 1 hour instructor still exists.

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    The 1 hour instructor still exists.

    Speaking to a student today, who is coming to my next class. His wife is also probably going to come. His wife was speaking to her friend who has a license, she told her friend she was coming to a class, two Saturdays. "June", the friend of possible student said "You don't need to do that. My husband knows a guy that will give it to you in an hour."

    So what happens if you take the 1 hour class, and skip 15 hours. Forget the fact that WHEN (not IF) the instructor gets caught and the instructors license to teach gets revoked, your concealed license will also get revoked. Forget the money you will have wasted paying this 1 hour speedy instructor, and the money you will have spent, because you will have to take another REAL class and pay the state again. The real problem is the shortcoming of your education.

    Does Illinois have a duty to inform? Huh what's that?

    Does Illinois Have SYG? Isn't Sig a Pistol?

    What is Castle Doctrine? Isn't that something you build on the beach from sand?

    Where can you NOT carry your firearm?

    What happens to you if you do carry in a place you are not supposed to?

    If you don't take a full 8 or 16 hour course the ONLY person you are hurting is yourself. And that guy down the street offering the speedy licenses, is doing you no favors. He's probably charging as much as the legitimate instructors? Are you really that lazy?
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  3. Or you get the instructor who goes through the full course and doesn't teach you a thing. Have a coworker who I don't want to be around when he is carrying. Have tried to give him some pointers to no avail. Plus I don't think he has fired the gun in a year or more.

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    I'm sure glad we don't have such problems with CPL instructors in Washington!
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  5. Don't get me wrong,I do believe that most of the instructors are excellent. You will always be have the bad ones.

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    We had an instructor who got caught teaching short classes. He was charged with a Class C Misdemeanor. Speculation was that the students in the class he was caught with could also be charged. Have not heard since if they were or not.

    We could fix all this with Constitutional Carry.

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