Concealed Carry Bill, House Bill 367, Advances
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Thread: Concealed Carry Bill, House Bill 367, Advances

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    Concealed Carry Bill, House Bill 367, Advances

    A panel of lawmakers Tuesday endorsed yet another proposal aimed at giving Illinoisans the right to carry concealed weapons.

    The House Agriculture and Conservation Committee approved the Republican-led initiative by an 11-1 vote.

    The measure, sponsored by state Rep. Bill Mitchell, R-Forsyth, now heads to the full House for further debate. Two other concealed carry bills are pending in the House following action last week.

    Among those testifying in favor of the proposal was Decatur City Councilman Dan Caulkins, who believes crime will drop in Decatur if Illinois joins 48 other states where people can carry concealed weapons if they undergo special training.

    Caulkins urged lawmakers, who are grappling with a $9 billion budget deficit, to put aside all other issues until a concealed carry law is put in place.

    “No spending, no borrowing or appointments should come before this issue,” Caulkins said.

    Previous attempts to enact concealed carry legislation have died amidst opposition from Chicago-area lawmakers.

    The legislation is House Bill 367.

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    Basically the criminals can roam the streets knowing they have there choice of victims since they know IL residents are not armed.. Its ridiculous...

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