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Thread: Illinois Showdown looms on gun control

  1. I think the money the state will make off of it they have to and the law enforcement is all for it do to the crime rate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lukem View Post
    Mannard, the gun control advocate, counters: "We haven't seen mayhem in the street that doesn't mean the potential isn't there."

    Mannard, of the gun-control group, says that argument clashes with common sense. "If I'm walking down the street, and the neighbor across the street is carrying a loaded 9 millimeter with a 15-round clip, that doesn't make me feel safer."

    Source: STLToday
    Mr. Mannard needs to face facts.

    1. Carrying a gun in Chicago has been illegal for a long time. Yet every month there are more gun related deaths from illegal firearms by convicted criminals than in the same period in war-torn Iraq.

    2. Mr. Mannard may change his opinion if faced with a real situation. If he's shopping in a mall and some crazy enters and begins killing innocent people, that law abiding citizen carrying his 9mm may stop the lunatic before he exacts a high death toll. Perhaps Mr. Mannard can hide behind him.

    My father always said, "When it comes to gun control, the difference between a liberal and a deliberate law abiding citizen is ONE GOOD MUGGING OR HIS DAUGHTER'S RAPE!"

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