Yes. It can be done. You can recover your Right to Self Defense after you've subjected yourself to the tender mercies of the mental/behavioural health system.

I just got my new 4 year license and all it cost me (extra) was the $150 to get a pshrink to write a letter attesting to my orientedness and capacity for rational thought and good decision making.

Problem is, I'll be (temporarily) moving in a few months for purposes of student teaching, afterwords, I'll be moving permanently to the location of a permanent teaching position.

Do I really need to notify the Superintendant of the ISP that I'll be residing at a new location for 5-6 months, while still receiving mail at my current address, or just wait until I get a job and move to a new location permanently before making such a notification (and making a bid to upgrade the 4 year license to a lifetime license at the same time)?

P.S. My mental/behavioural health issues: OCD and ADHD.