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Thread: Processing time for new permit

  1. Only took 8 business day for my liftime permit. I did the paper work on line and paid the state police fee online. Was electonicly finger printed, took the paper work with a $50 money order to the Lafatte Police.

  3. 10/24 L-1 Prints
    10/27 Local P.D.
    11/3 Received LTC in the mail

    9 days total to get permit. Very pleased.

  4. I live in central PA. For me it took two hours. Step one, download app from local sherrif's website, print it off and fill it out. Step two, stop by sherrif's office, hand in application, and have a seat. Step three, sherrif's deputy says look at the camera and smile. Step four, the deputy hands me my new ccw. Gotta love it!

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    I live in eastern Kentucky(Morgan County) it took 32 days counting the July 4th week end
    our instructer told us it could take up to 90 days.

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    15 minutes the first time, 10-20 minutes to renew (we have to renew every year).
    The lady at the desk is courteous and very efficient. The LEOs in the office are too haughty to speak, unlike the cops on the roads, who are as nice as they can be. I will help them when I can (Washington County, Alabama).

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    Ks ccw

    In kansas its 45 to 90 with the average of 60 days. Im real close to the 60 day mark. I cant even remember when I sent it in lol.

  8. It took 58 days from the time I went into the police station and was fingerprinted, to the day I got it. I guess 30-60 days is right :)

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