Police kill armed man with fake gun
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Thread: Police kill armed man with fake gun

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    Police kill armed man with fake gun

    Im 20 years old, just went with my old man to the fort wayne police department downtown monday morning to apply for my CCW. On the way home from applying and getting fingerprinted five or six cops passed us, lights blazing, speeding very fast. I checked the news and this is what I found.

    Apparently the cops got a call that a man had a gun. They knocked on the front door, and the guy who answers is holding an airsoft gun. They told him to drop it and he pointed it at them. Im guessing he didnt want to live anymore, because it looks like its either suicide or extreme stupidity.

    Police kill armed man; gun was fake

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    Sounds like suicide by cop.
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  4. I wonder who called the cops about man with a gun? The victim?? Well hes not really the victim, uhh the dumba$$.

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    Especially who called the cops about a man with a gun when the man with the gun was in his own home.

    Edit: Nevermind.

    Note to self: Read news story before opining about it.

    There's no way the police can trust the screams of someone about "It's plastic! It's fake!" when it appears completely genuine, with or without the orange tipped barrel. It's still a suicide by cop. The only other option is suicide by stupidity for pointing a gun-like object at an officer already holding a gun on you, which in undeniably stupid, and that's not even mentioning the stupidity with said airsoft gun that drew the police there in the first place.

    This does, however, raise interesting questions regarding the Police at the Door at 2 AM thread.
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    Looks like they updated the news article from what I previously read.

    The incident began after officers were called to 2020 South Harrison St. around 12:40 p.m. on Monday after nearby construction workers reported a man who lived in the building confronted them with a gun.

    When officers arrived at the location the workers directed them to a duplex at 2020 S. Harrison, and told them the man had gone inside one of the homes.

    Five officers were dispatched; four of which went inside the duplex and knocked on the door. Police say Cavin answered the door holding a gun down at his side. They say he ignored repeated commands to show his hands, and ignored repeated commands to put his weapon down.

    Police say Cavin raised the weapon in the direction of officers. That's when Dolezal fired a single gunshot striking and disarming him.

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    I now have the experience of being at a Denny's where a shooting took place and hearing what the news reported about it and they the news stations got most of it wrong. So now when reading or listening to the news I take it with a grain of salt.

    As far as the officers go why did one pull his tazer if he thought his life was in danger? Why did the other shoot his gun before the one with the tazer could use it?

    I do know that one does not do death by cop with his wife and new born kid in
    the house.

    This does not add up to me too many questions left without answers to form a decision.

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    She said her fiance knew officers wanted the weapon and was pulling it out to give it to them.
    This leads to all kinds of other questions such as why did he think the officers wanted the gun. The biggest question to me would be was he actually that stupid. This would be the same type thinking as in the LV Costco event with the same outcome. Do what the armed LEO tells you to do and argue about it later.

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