License To Carry Handgun (LTCH) with Public Intoxication (PI) conviction
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Thread: License To Carry Handgun (LTCH) with Public Intoxication (PI) conviction

  1. License To Carry Handgun (LTCH) with Public Intoxication (PI) conviction

    I know this might not be the best place to get info about this but I am going to ask anyway.
    I was arrested for PI about 3 months ago and took a ple agreement. I got a class B misdemeanor on my record . This is the only thing on my record. I know the law only states felony or crimes with a min of 1 year in jail.
    But the application for LTCH ask about misdemeanors also.
    Will this PI keep me from getting my LTCH?

  3. Anyone want to provide any info on this?
    I was able to buy a new pistol from a FFL gun store.
    I got a 3 day wait on it but it did go through. Still looking for info about LTCH.
    Guess I will just have to find out on my own..
    Anyone know if you get your money back if your denied?

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    Typically, you do not get your money back, would depend on the state but would suspect no.

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    I see nothing in Ind. Code 35-47-2- 1 through 24, which prevent you from getting a LTCH in Indiana.

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    This should not prevent you from getting your LTCH. They may ask for additional info to help them make a determination though.

    If you haven't found them already two good Indiana discussion forums are:
    Hoosier Gun Club - Powered by vBulletin
    INGunOwners - Indiana Gun Owners Community
    Colorado Gun Owners - COGO
    A discussion forum for Colorado Gun Owners.

  7. I just received my license to carry in the mail Today! Very excited... Anyway I had a battery charge and possession of marijuana charge, both over 10 years ago though and not even a speeding ticket since. Both were misdemeanor charges and I talked to local law enforcement and explained my charges, filled out application, got fingerprinted and 125 dollars and 7 weeks later I received my license in the mail. Also if I would have been denied all of the state fee would have been refunded and all but 10 dollars of the local fee I would have got back. Hope this helps!

  8. Just noticed how old the post was... Oh well maybe it will help someone else with the same question if you have already taken care of your license!

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    I highly doubt this would keep you from getting your license. When it comes to alcohol, I know they won't give you one if you are an alcoholic but I can't see them passing you up for one small charge like that.

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