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  1. application processing?

    How do they process applications for a CCW licence? I turned in my fingerprints and my money order at my local sheriffs office on march 22nd and they cashed my money order on march 29th but I still haven't heard anything, my friend that lives in the same town turned his prints and money order in on march 24th and they cashed his money order on April the 1st and he got his permit on the 2nd. What is your thoughts

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    Any legal history perturbations which might be coming to light when the background check was run? If there are, that might be slowing down the process.

    OTOH, I see Handgun Law says some departments require you to mail the application to the ISP after they've completed the local part of the background check. Is there a possibility that applies to your jurisdiction and the application is just sitting there waiting for you to pick it up and re-mail? Will admit though, seems unlikely since your friend in the same town didn't mention it.

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