Just realized my permit expired in 2007
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Thread: Just realized my permit expired in 2007

  1. Just realized my permit expired in 2007

    I was cleaning out my wallet, guess its been a few years, when I pulled out my Indiana gun permit. I was shocked and said a few expletives when I found out it had expired in 2007. I will be undoubtedly apply for a lifetime permit. but, my question is, eventhough my Indiana gun permit is expired, and there has never been an issue with me, can I still carry?

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    expired in 2007

    I am thinking that an expired permit means your ability to carry the weapon is also expired. I would get it renewed ASAP.

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    No, you can't carry legally. If you'd have been within 30 days of it's expiration, it would have been extended until you got your new license (or were rejected). You'd have been able to carry if you carried a copy of the renewal with your expired license.

    Reapply, but don't carry until you get it back.

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    You seriously cannot carry with a permit that expired 4 yrs ago

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    You can't drive with an expired license. Why would you be able to conceal with an expired permit

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    Man you're lucky you didn't get busted with an expired license!

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    DUDE, you gotta pay attention, the devil is always in the details.... Glad you found it before it found you....
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  9. I agree with everyone else on this. A LEO would have no compassion for having an expired permit!!! Be safe and legal

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    Get the lifetime permit. Won't have to worry about that again. ;)

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