Purdue University Concealed Carry Legislation
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Thread: Purdue University Concealed Carry Legislation

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    Purdue University Concealed Carry Legislation

  3. Lots of schools are looking into it or voting on it, but most will probably turn it down. I think they are trying to pass it in the state senate for schools, but when they go talk to the students, most don't like guns on campus.
    The campus police thank its a bad idea because they don't know who is the bad person with the gun :) Looking back when I was in school, I wish I was carrying. How many people get shot before the cops show up? Yeah there is a risk of carrying guns, but to me there is more risk with no one being able to stop a shooter going wild....
    just me ....
    "Any Government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have...." - Thomas Jefferson.

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